Don’t Settle for Endless Shoulder Pain

Don’t Settle for Endless Shoulder Pain

Put a stop to it with physical therapy in Dallas, TX

Have you suffered from a sports injury to your shoulder or upper back? Have you been diagnosed with a condition such as arthritis or tendonitis? Whatever is causing your shoulder pain, you can trust the experts at Platinum Performance Therapy, PLLC to help you find relief.

Get the rest and treatment you need by visiting our physical therapy clinic, located right here in Dallas. Our specialists can recommend the right exercises for you and monitor your progress until you’re feeling like yourself again. Visit Platinum Performance Therapy to learn more.

Five common causes of shoulder pain

1. Rotator cuff injury
2. Tendonitis
3. Arthritis
4. Dislocations
5. Whiplash

What’s causing your chronic shoulder pain? Seek treatment by visiting Platinum Performance Therapy in Dallas, Texas. Call us today at 214-901-4960 or fill out the contact form to get started.

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